Razor Wire

Razor Wire

Features sharp-edged blades on a wire Razor Wire commonly used for security purposes due to its high level of deterrence and difficulty to breach. Razor wire is often installed on the top of walls, fences, and other structures to prevent intruders from gaining access to a property. It can also be used to create temporary barriers or cordons for events, construction sites, or other sensitive areas.

Razor wire requires minimal maintenance and is highly durable, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term security. The presence of razor wire serves as a visible deterrent, which can help to reduce crime and keep people & livestock safe.

Dimensions & Options

  • Width: 12m
  • Colours: Silver

Useful Information

  • Assembly: Attached with ties, wire or staples
  • Caring Instructions: Minimal

Delivery information

Delivery covers the whole of Ireland, please contact us for an estimate.

Installation information

Installation can be arranged on request, please contact us for more information.

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